2016Architect's House Gallery

The exhibition posits various alternative programs and uses for malls passed their glory days. For example, Rishon’s late 1980’s Lev Ha-Ir Mall is rapidly deteriorating after attempts at renewal have failed. At the same time, students discovered that many vocational schools have been set up there.


Is every network initiative collaborative? What are the social criteria for evaluating initiatives? When is urban innovation community-oriented? The course will address social aspects of ... Read more

2016COMAS’ School of Design

The Urban Innovation Laboratory has conducted a "Round Tables" session with local leadership, representatives of social organizations, residents of Rishon LeZion neighborhoods, and Israel Police policemen.

2016COMAS’ School of Design

In the course of the years, changes are taking place in the structure of families in the west. What, then, happens when families' unique life style encounters the living apartments that are typical of the housing market?

2016COMAS’ School of Design

The curatorship workshop is a research and presentation format of spatial phenomena in Israel. The workshop combines lectures and practical experience in curatorship processes. The ... Read more