Shelly Cohen is a curator, researcher and writer based in Israel. She focuses on the social and ethical dimensions of architecture. Her projects critically explore the ways in which planning and design shape everyday life.


Do architects care? Caring can be understood as an emotion at odds with the requirements of professional architects. Compassion and empathy motivate other kinds of ... Read more

2022Architect's House Gallery

A discussion with the participation of researchers, curators, artists and architects who have worked in the gallery over the years is presented in the exhibition ... Read more

2021Architecture and Culture

The Covid-19 pandemic has invited new observations and interpretations of domestic experiences, especially during its periods of quarantine and closure. Our study of people’s use ... Read more

2022Architect's House Gallery

A new exhibition summarizing 20 years of activity at the Architect’s House Gallery, rearrange the archive of topics discussed in the exhibitions, and examines the ... Read more


After decades of neoliberal economic policy, a new phase began in the critical discourse in architecture in the early 21st century, which is reflected in ... Read more

2021The Journal of Architecture

Care ethics places a person’s relationship to another at the heart of related debates. Rooted in feminism, care ethics is a useful tool for exploring ... Read more

2020Intellect and The University of Chicago Press.

Architectural exhibitions make it possible to present political arguments through visual tools. The series of photos in the exhibition 'Separation' demonstrated how the logic of separation—as a political, cultural, and spatial concept—is innate to urban and rural landscape design in Israel.

2020Black Box

Public housing projects have been replaced in recent years by “Pinuy-Binuy” entrepreneurial projects (a Hebrew term for forcing all tenants out once a homeowner threshold is met, and then tearing down the building to rebuild on the site) or, in its laundered name, "Urban Renewal", focused on the economic logic of maximizing entrepreneurs' private profits.

2020Urban Planning

This article investigates aging-in-place among seniors who live with caretakers, particularly domestic workers who immigrate to Israel from poorer countries. In recent decades, new apartment designs are intended for families with children.