2017Tel Aviv University

The Ph.D research paper addresses the relations between the ethical, social and aesthetic aspects of architecture in Israel, and their manifestation in architectural projects planned ... Read more

2015The Israeli Journal of Architecture

The story of outside paving and interior tiling in Tel-Aviv follows several types of standard tiles. This paper will propose an explanatory framework that will provide explanations for the various changes of the standard tiling: aesthetic-technological-functional changes, as well as social-economic extra-architectural changes.

2011Israel Association of United Architects

The exhibition "Urban Space 2011 Stepping Out is a manifestation of the return to the broad definition of architecture which includes social objectives, after years in which the profession appeared to be bound by market forces .

2010Genia Schreiber Gallery

During the First Gulf War, the period of time between the alert and the missile fall left only a short time in which to take ... Read more

2009Israel Association of United Architects

The Women’s Presence in Israeli Architecture exhibition was held in Jaffa’s Architect House in February 2007. It shed a new light, first of its kind, ... Read more


The exhibition presented Israeli proposals for two international architectural exhibitions, However, the committee eventually rejected the chosen work for the International Union of Architects (UIA) in Berlin, due to its political position.

1999Hagar Association

The series of photographs created by Keren Amiran, who photographed “Ehad Haam” street in various cities in Israel, is read as a visual riddle, an ... Read more