2016COMAS’ School of Design

The Urban Innovation Laboratory has conducted a "Round Tables" session with local leadership, representatives of social organizations, residents of Rishon LeZion neighborhoods, and Israel Police policemen.

2015COMAS’ School of Design

The course “Mikve Israel: Open/ Closed” was taught by the Laboratory for Urban Revitalization at the College of Management Academic Studies (COMAS) in 2015. It ... Read more

2012COMAS’ School of Design

In the course of the years, changes have taken place in the structures of families in Israel: the age of marriage and the rate of divorce are rising, and changes in the life expectancy and lifestyle are increasing the phenomenon of people who live by themselves; families are deconstructed and reconstructed and the number of single-parent and single-sex families is constantly rising. Managing a decreased, split or expanded household adds to the common economic difficulties that families face in their attempt to find appropriate housing. In this seminar we shall turn our gaze to the changing housing needs of new families, and examine whether the housing market in Israel is responding to changes that are taking place in the family institute, to the inhabitants' changing needs and to various housing cultures.

2016COMAS’ School of Design

In the course of the years, changes are taking place in the structure of families in the west. What, then, happens when families' unique life style encounters the living apartments that are typical of the housing market?

2016COMAS’ School of Design

The curatorship workshop is a research and presentation format of spatial phenomena in Israel. The workshop combines lectures and practical experience in curatorship processes. The ... Read more

2014COMAS’ School of Design

The course presents the history of modern architecture and art in the 20th century. The course describes the formulation of a new language for the ... Read more