Social Responsibility and Entrepreneurship

Is every network initiative collaborative? What are the social criteria for evaluating initiatives? When is urban innovation community-oriented?

The course will address social aspects of collaboration and of social involvement in a city. We shall clarify basic concepts that are related to public space, civilian society, spatial justice and the right to the city; become acquainted with the planning system in Israel, with ways of participating in spatial planning and with planning and residence initiatives; examine social initiatives that are not in the field of planning, on various scales, in various areas of urban life and with the participation of various communities.

The course’s goal is to promote active participation and social initiative in the city, through social-environmental sensitivity and consideration of communities’ needs. In the course, the students study test cases in the fields of urban planning, culture and education, and activism in the city space; they write a paper on social and community aspects of their personal or group initiative.