After decades of neoliberal economic policy, a new phase began in the critical discourse in architecture in the early 21st century, which is reflected in ... Read more

2010Genia Schreiber Gallery

The exhibition “Safe Haven” turns a gaze to the shelter and to the multitude of manifestations of built civilian defense that shape the space and ... Read more

2008Israel Association of United Architects

The catalogue documents the first ten exhibitions staged during 2001-2007 at the Architect’s House Gallery in Jaffa, home of the Israel Association of United Architects, ... Read more

2007Xargol and Am Oved

A collection of articles that deal with the prevalent  forms of living in Israel. It offers an architectural, aesthetic and cultural analysis of housing typologies, ... Read more

2007Xargol and Am Oved

A collection of essays and photographs throwing a critical light at the growing ethnic, national and class separation in Israel, as well as at its ... Read more