Community participation workshop

The Design, Innovation and Entrepreneurship M.A. program, of the Rishon LeZion Academic Course’s School of Design, focuses this semester (Winter 2016) on the issue of the Israel Police’s service accessibility to a diversity of users and publics. In the course, we shall create strategies that promote policing innovation, focusing on the police’s encounter with the citizens.

The Urban Innovation Laboratory has conducted a “Round Tables” session with local leadership, representatives of social organizations, residents of Rishon LeZion neighborhoods, and Israel Police policemen. The purpose of the session was to hear many voices and to become acquainted with new perspectives on the subject of the police’s involvement in the life of the city and its residents.

We sought to learn, in this session, about the sense of personal security in the urban space, from local knowledge and from the everyday experience of residents from different population groups in the Rishon LeZion city, as well as from policemen who are in everyday contact with various publics in the city.

In the session, the participants were asked questions on the subject of the personal security of various groups in Rishon LeZion, the police’s involvement in the urban everyday life, and the policing needs in the city.